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Welcome to Eksper Market



Terms & Conditions


Shopping Basket

This is the section where the products selected from to purchase are listed before payment. Within the world, this is your shopping basket. You can increase/decrease the quantity of products in your basket or cancel them before completing the payment. 

Money Transfer / EFT Bank Accounts:

Garanti Bank Istanbul Ortaklar Branch 028/ 6296874 

Credit Card Provision Issues

Your credit might get rejected during the purchase due to following reasons:

1.     Credit card limit insufficiency

2.     Wrong credit card number

3.     Expired credit card

4.     Supplementary card cancelled by the main card holder

5.     Temporary connection issues during approval process

6.     Reusing a card that was once reported as lost

7.     Using an ATM card instead of a credit card.

In case of credit card issues, you need to contact with your bank.


When Can I Receive The Goods?

Customers who shop at Ekspermarket are kept on the front line and payment / billing information is checked as soon as the order is placed. To reach at the delivery stage, the payment / invoice information must be confirmed firstly and e-mailed to your address. In normal conditions, the purchases made from the Ekspermarket will be delivered by cargo within 1 to 3 business days after the confirmation message, within 1 to 5 business days following the confirmation e-mail to all the cities outside Istanbul.

The Weekend Orders

Orders placed before the noon on Fridays will start to be delivered on Saturday. All orders you give after 13.00 on Friday will not be available for delivery until Tuesday because delivery procedures will be hold on the Monday following the previous Friday. Delivery is also not available on Sundays.

Address Information

To receive the goods as quick as possible, please write down your address details explicitly. You can even write the practical address description if any. (Example: third street after entering the post office etc.)

 Incorrect / Missing Orders

Please always check your goods by opening the packages nearside the cargo officer once you first received. If you see any mistake or omission, contact us immediately.

 Cargo And Customs Fees

The shipping charges for the products are calculated according to prices provided by the responsible company. Changes on the fees are reflected over time. For purchases that are related to discount policies, shipping may evaluated as free.

The customer is responsible for the extra tax and expenses that may arise at the customs of your own country. Otherwise, the fee is not refundable.



Welcome to Eksper Market