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Nasiol Deckcare

Nasiol Deckcare

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Deckcare is another of the most thrilling demonstrations of the benefits of nanotechnology. Nasiol has several nano coating products for the protection of the beautiful yet delicate wood. Deckcare is among them. 

The combination of sun and sea is harsh on wooden surfaces. Deckcare prolongs the lifetime and preserves the buffed 'new' look of your wooden boat decks, and other wooden furnishings of boats and yachts by protecting them from staining and damage from UV rays and the salt water. 

*** Don't waste money on ineffective waxes that only covers up the grain and beauty of your deck.
*** Deckcare prevents and puts off (for a long time) the expense of having to dismantle and replace your boat's wood because of water damage. 
*** Show off your deck because it always looks newly and professionally restored and buffed. 

APPLICATION: Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil or water. 

Application area should be ventilated well. Spray 240-280 times for every square meter until slightly wet. 

Curing time is 24 hrs. 

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